Join Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein on Episode 73 of the Science Dispatch podcast as they explore the link between pesticides, Parkinson's and genetics:
Join host Cameron English, Dr. Chuck Dinerstein and Dr. Josh Bloom as they break down these stories on Episode 60 of the Science Dispatch podcast:
Activist groups utilize a well-worn set of propaganda tools to turn the public against pesticides. These range from funding junk studies to buying favorable media coverage and filing endless lawsuits against chemical manufacturers.
Environmental activist groups and trial lawyers have launched a new campaign in their legal effort to restrict access to synthetic pesticides.
Attacking pesticides is sexy. Many activists, lawyers and journalists have made careers out of propagating a simple, compelling narrative about the chemicals farmers use to produce our food.
For the better part of six years, anti-GMO groups circled the wagons around a single message: the weed killer Roundup (glyphosate) causes cancer, specifically Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL).
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