Instead of getting a flu shot, a Columbia University professor who believes in natural remedies chose a "tincture of elderberry." Her effort was rewarded with cyanide poisoning.
It's dangerous being livestock. If you aren't being fattened up to be turned into a Happy Meal, you're wandering the fields, gobbling up plants that appear tasty and innocent – but are actually toxic. Plant poisonings cost the livestock industry more than $500 million every year.
An international team of researchers explored the effect of anesthesia on plants, which is the basis for a newly-published paper in the Annals of Botany. The goal was to link information about how anesthetics work in the plant system to the animal system.
More rational than you?
Reporting in the journal Current Biology, a team of scientists showed that pea plants responded rationally to variations in nutrient supply.
Holiday decorations, including mistletoe, mint and holly can be toxic if eaten by a child. Small items can present choking hazards. Don't be concerned by so-called "toxic" chemicals, however, such as plastics.