Being a surgeon who has cared for a range of motor vehicle accidents, gunshot wounds, stabbing, and even a fellow severely bitten by a horse, my response to horror movies is a family joke.
Imagine a world where no matter where you turn, albeit your phone, the television, social media or a billboard, you are confronted with happy, healthy and even marginally optimistic images or messages?
For the second week in a row, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “telecommuted” to the Supreme Court, and of course, the blogosphere was atwitter with the political portents.
Often, the act of forgetting takes on a bad connotation – ranging from less problematic to disastrous.
Ideology, not medical reality, and activism have infected much of modern parenting these days.
It might be time for a pendulum shift if we hope to embolden today’s children with resilience.
News travels fast with the Internet of things and announcements just made like that of the death of Penny Marshall – film director, producer and actress of “Laverne & Shirley” fame – spreads at warp speed.
I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at Komen’s Pink, Purple Strength and Unity Conference on coping with a breast cancer diagnosis and how best to
Ah, our body’s microbiome, the bacteria living in symbiotic harmony in our gut, that newly discovered source of wellness, its mysteries only slowly being revealed. Our microbiome is an inner ecology of Planet Us.
As my co-worker handed me an advertisement addressed to me, she said “I know you are going to throw it out, but that’s your call” while we laughed in unison at my historical lack of guile given the circumstance.
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