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E-cigarette legislation The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), a public health education and consumer advocacy nonprofit devoted throughout our 35 year history to the promotion of sound science in public health policy, urges the Oklahoma Legislature to promote the benefits of e-cigarettes as a method of Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) in helping smokers quit.
Here's a countdown of the top 13 health scares of 2013!
A new Perspective article in the New England Journal of Medicine almost allows for the likely benefits of electronic cigarettes as part of a harm reduction approach to reducing the deadly toll of smoking. At last some science-based progress!
Dr. Gilbert Ross op-ed in, January 23, 2014. Whatever became of urban sophistication, especially on matters scientific and technological? We lifelong city folk cultivated a nasty habit of looking down on the denizens of the flyover regions as hayseeds, believing the sun revolved around the earth ¦[Read more.]
Chicago s City Council reverses itself, striking a blow to protect cigarettes from the nasty competition from much safer e-cigarettes, thanks to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Out into the cold Chicago winter with you, vapers! To protect the children.
It was 50 years ago today (almost it was Saturday January 11th, 1964) when U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry released the report of his committee on Smoking and Health. The committee
Dr. Gilbert Ross op-ed in The Daily Caller, January 8, 2013. Cigarette smoking takes the lives of more Americans than any other health problem. Our annual toll about 440,000, amongst our 45 million smokers is an unbelievable tragedy, more so for being at least potentially preventable...[Read more.]
NYC Council sends e-cigarettes and vapers who switched from deadly smoking out into the cold with real cigarette smokers. A brilliant coup, by a thoroughly political and ignorant group of lawmakers. It s now an embarrassment to be a New Yorker.
Following-up on their op-ed in the NYTimes last week, Drs. Amy Fairchild and colleagues published a Perspective in the New England Journal of Medicine, calling for a valid, science-based approach to e-cigarettes, and noting the vast potential benefits from these devices.
Dr. Gilbert Ross' op-ed in What's Bloomberg Smokin' Now? There is no reason to question why soon-to-be-former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has once again sic'd his attack dog of a Health Commissioner, Tom, Farley, on another innocent victim: electronic cigarettes (e-cigs)
If you thought the debates about the role of e-cigarettes in dealing with the most important public health problem we face smoking was hot before, you ain t seen nothin yet. There were a flurry of new commentaries this weekend, based on sound science and commonsense.
Dr. Gilbert Ross on, December 9, 2013 Europe's 'Vapers' must unite against the EU's 'unelected and unaccountable' attempts to sabotage the use and availability of eCigarettes, warns Gilbert Ross. Two months ago, when the European parliament took up deliberations on the...[Read more.]