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To: Center for Tobacco Products Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189 From: The American Council on Science and Health
Dr. Gilbert Ross in the Washington Times, June 27, 2014. The premature death of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn has brought the issue of chewing tobacco use
Good news: teen smoking rates continue trend of significant decline! Even better news: about 90 percent of smokers start in their teens, so this result is a strongly positive omen of the future decline in overall smoking rates.
The Swedish company which makes and markets the bulk of the smokeless tobacco packets known as snushas applied to our FDA to acquire the coveted modified risk tobacco product label. Their chances are slim to none. Why?
Fifty-three elite scientists published an open letter to the WHO s Director-General, calling upon her to consider the science rather than other influences in the next revision to the global tobacco control treaty. We fear this plea will fall upon deaf ears.
The latest health news: e-cigarette study shows devices effective for quitting smoking, why GM labeling likely won't happen, and how Yelp is helping to crack down on food-borne illnesses
Yesterday, at the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens committee hearing in Trenton, New Jersey, the focus was on a bill that would impose a wholesale sales tax of 75 percent on e-cigarettes.
More political claptrap on the threat to our youth of e-cigarettes, from the usual crowd of Democratic senators, only in a more formal arena. And the CDC and FDA seem to disagree, a bit. How did the clown Harkin get to be a public health arbiter?
Dr. Gilbert Ross in The Buffalo News, May 13, 2014. When politicians play scientist, or worse, doctor,
Dr. Gilbert Ross in The American, May 14, 2014. At last, after months
NYS Senate panel to deliberate on how to reduce access to effective smoking cessation method, thanks to testimony from experts committed to keeping e-cigarettes off the market, while barring other testimony. Democracy? Not really, nor public health.
Dr. Gilbert Ross in the Ithaca Journal, April 24, 2014. While cigarettes continue to kill a half-million Americans each year while holding 100-fold that number in