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A new report in the New England Journal of Medicine seems to show worrisome levels of formaldehyde in e-cig vapor. These findings are as technically flawed as Big Tobacco s smoking machine data from last century.
Dr. Gilbert Ross in The Daily Caller, January 19, 2015. Just when I thought the state of America s public health regarding smoking could not get any worse, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) showed me how wrong I was. Their new leaflet: Protect Your
Dr. Gilbert Ross in, December 12, 2015. The shameful abdication of their ethical responsibilities by our nation s public health authorities,
Dr. Gilbert Ross in the Detroit Free Press, January 6, 2015. What a topsy-turvy world we live in: the only groups opposed to keeping kids away from e-cigarettes are the so-called "public health" groups. If we can agree that youngsters and e-cigarettes shouldn't mix at least not
A new CDC report castigates the ten states which continue to allow youngsters to purchase e-cigarettes legally. The CDC neglects to report that several big public health nonprofits, especially the American Cancer Society, are responsible.
Here is ACSH's official list of this year's top 10 scares
A new report based on responses to an online survey conducted by Penn State tobacco and nicotine expert Jonathan Foulds and colleagues confirms the
Dr. Gilbert Ross in The Santa Fe New Mexican, December 1, 2014. Lawmakers in Santa Fe recently considered a proposal to institute a tax on vapor products (commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes) at the exorbitant rate of 4 cents per milligram nicotine a level that
Reports of a new survey out of the U.K. confirm other studies and surveys which show that use of e-cigarettes and related reduced-harm products among non-smokers is minuscule, and that many smokers have quit by using them.
Yesterday, ACSH s Ariel Savransky attended the 2nd Annual E-cig conference in New York City. Conference attendees included investors, industry leaders and public health and regulatory experts and discussion was
Last Wednesday, the town of Westminster, MA attempted to hold a public hearing to discuss the proposal to ban the sale of products containing tobacco or nicotine, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. However, chairwoman Andrea Crete was forced to call the session to an end, as attendees became
Good news about Teen Smoking from the CDC! But the CDC leads the media chorus warning: teen use of e-cigs triples! That's a distraction: Smoking is the problem!