One of my extended family members is a former smoker. Nagging him to stop did little good. Warning him against its health dangers produced similarly poor results. He was addicted, and he appeared to like smoking, anyway. 

All you have to do currently to encounter an influx of negativity and persistent “what ifs” or anxiety is turn to social media or any news outlet.  This pervasive, chronic theme—no matter where you fall on the political spectrum—has been ever

The prevalence of dementia in the United States significantly declined from 11.6% in 2000 to 8.8% in 2012.  A new study by JAMA Internal Medicine

With the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in more than a century, there's a level of excitement for the team's historic achievement that's extending well beyond Wrigley Field and the city of Chicago.

Despite decades of public health campaigns, a lot of Americans still smoke. The CDC recently released data on the prevalence of tobacco use in the U.S.

By now everyone knows that smoking damages the lungs, causing bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer. Along with that goes heart damage, with smokers at a greater risk of heart failure than non-smokers or ex-smokers.

This morning, my daughter left home to go to college.

Pictorial warning labels courtesy of JAMA Pictorial warning labels courtesy of JAMA