Inexperienced journalists commonly make a mistake known as “burying the lede,” or hiding the most crucial aspects of a story underneath lots of distracting and l

"Censorship of science is deeply troubling on many levels," the ACLU argued in 2007. "At the most basic, it affronts the fundamental premises of the scientific method ... For science to advance, knowledge must be shared.

When I first told my doctor that I took up vaping as a smoking-cessation tool in 2012, I expected a finger-wagging lecture about the dangers of nicotine. But that's not the response I got.

You know someone is losing an argument when they try to shift the topic of the debate. There is no better example than the public health establishment's foolish campaign against vaping.

Canadian biotech firm Medicago has done the world a great service.

Recent research has suggested that e-cigarette use is linked to bone damage, erectile dysfunction, smoking relapse, depression and heightened st

If you're a parent, the chances are good that you know at least one other parent who worries about everything: toxic baby food, pesticides, stranger danger, drug use, COVID—you name it, they're worried it's going to kill their children.

“What is the association between adolescent health conditions that are commonly treated by physicians and accelerated biological age at midlife?”

“People using e-cigarettes to quit smoking found them to be less helpful than more traditional smoking cessations aids,”

Evidence confirming the relative safety of vaping continues to build.