Mounting evidence shows that e-cigarette use (vaping) can help smokers give up combustible tobacco for good, even if they have no intention to quit.

If you're a smoker trying to ditch your deadly habit, yet another high-quality, double-blind clinical study has shown that vaping may be your best bet.

A recent series of studies has linked electronic cigarette use (vaping) to a host of negative outcomes, including bone damage,

The study looked at the expression of genes among exclusive users of e-cigarettes, smokers including dual users, and controls without any tobacco use. The dual users may muddy the waters, but you can apply as much salt as you will.

"The evidence against vaping is mounting, and a new study now links e-cigarettes with an increased risk for broken bones," a recent MSN headli

According to a slew of recent headlines, electronic cigarette users (vapers) are more likely than smokers to have a stroke earlier in life.

“Adults can do what they want, even though there’s simply no evidence that vapes help them to quit smoking. But our kids are not for sale.

Teenagers have no business using electronic cigarettes. Public health officials, scientists and even companies that manufacturer and sell e-cigarettes should do all they can to prevent teen vaping.