surgical complications

Until the arrival of the GLP-1 medications, bariatric surgery was the most effective means of reducing and maintaining weight loss.
Surgical risk is a here and now proposition; you get the outcome of your surgical management right away; the acuity of the timing makes it difficult to claim an adverse result was solely due to the disease or the patient.
Physicians, especially surgeons, to provide meaningful information to patients continue to look for risk factors associated with complications and death.
Those in Hollywood are in a unique position to do tremendous good given their substantial platform. Unfortunately, with that megaphone comes immense responsibility.
According to Reuter’s World News, “Panamanian former dictator, CIA spy and convicted cocaine trafficker Manuel Noriega was in a coma on Tuesday after suffering a hem
Sadly, the news outlets just reported the seemingly untimely passing of actor, Bill Paxton, at the age of 61. Losing a loved one is a devastating event and we wish his family peace during this especially difficult time.   
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