tooth decay

Heartburn, what heartburn? Backaches? Step aside. Of all the dreadful pregnancy symptoms ACSH's Ana Dolaskie thought she would endure, she didn't see this one coming. That is, until now.
Last June, California lawmakers introduced a bill requiring soft drinks to be labeled with a warning linking the drinks to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. The bill was defeated by the state assembly. Now New York is
Catch the latest news on unnecessary warning labels on sugary drinks, why GM labeling is not needed, and why cases of measles have climbed to an all-time high.
If movie stars and supermodels are our gauge of beauty, teeth should be straight, big, and ultra-white. Community water fluoridation and advances in oral hygiene have led to a major decrease in the incidence of tooth decay and, therefore, in the need for fillings¬historically the mainstay of the dental profession. Dentists have responded to the economic impact of this decrease with an explosion of new procedures and marketing plans. An increase in the profitability of dental practice has resulted.