Men will often be boys. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the design of public urinals, where through a moment of frivolity or inattention, the stream goes in a pathway resulting in splashes on the wall and clothing. Physicists attempt to help.
Men, is your prostate the size of a baked yam? Do you dribble like the Harlem Globetrotters? Have you gotten a rent bill for spending so long at a urinal? Difficulty urinating is very common in men older than 60, but there are some pretty good treatments available. Manhattan urologist Dr. David Kaufman discusses these options with emphasis on a new, minimally invasive procedure that he offers: steam to remove parts of the prostate. Rezum is done quickly in-office, and it's relatively painless. Good bathroom reading.
What drink (or drinks) will promote proper hydration without leading to too many pit stops? A recent study suggests that milk and oral hydration beverage are probably not the best choices. Which were the best? We suggest you ...