More good news from the world of public health: teen vaping continues its steady decline, according to the latest results from the CDC's National Youth Tobacco
The UK's National Health Service just published the results of its survey Smoking, Drinkin
On July 22, Fox News ran a confused listicle by Angelica Stabile titled How to quit vaping as the e-cigarette fad fires up: 6 smart steps to take.
The past year has seen the publication of many studies alleging that e-cigarette use (vaping) carries very serious health consequences, everything from depression to erectile dysfunction and higher stroke risk.
Join ACSH directors of bio-sciences and medicine, Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein, as they break down these stories:
The Food and Drug Administration has dealt two deadly blows to tobacco harm reduction in the past two days.
Let's say you wanted to keep as many people smoking as possible. How would you do it? Your best move would be to restrict consumer access to the most popular and effective smoking cessation tool we know of.
Federal regulators are deeply concerned about flavored tobacco, especially vaping products.
"The health care costs attributable to vaping are already substantial and likely to increase." So concluded the authors of a study just published in the journal Tobacco Control.