The CDC just issued a report, providing more information about what has been killing and hospitalizing people who vape. It's pretty much what we were saying last month.
The popular press regularly botches its science reporting.
In the wake of over 1,000 injuries and nearly two dozen deaths linked to vaping (probably all or most of which were due to misusing the devices), the public is right to be concerned about the safety of e-cigarettes.
Steve, the Mad Chemist, and I go back a long way. We were postdocs together (about 200 years ago) and later worked for the same pharmaceutical company for a decade.
Last week, I spoke at the 9th European Beer and Health Summit in Brussels,* an academic conference that discusses the latest research into the effects of moderate alcohol consumption on health.
Teenagers are rebellious and they do stupid things. This is a fact of life that we have to accept, whether we like it or not.
Time for a riddle: Q: What is the difference between Pez and Juul?
Here's a diagram of a distillation apparatus. It's very simple. The liquid to be purified is placed in a distillation flask.
Vaping devices such as e-cigarettes should not be used for fun. Getting oneself addicted to nicotine is not a smart idea. That is why these devices should not be used by non-smokers, particularly young people.
After maintaining a pack-a-day habit for nearly three years, I gave up smoking in 2012 with the help of an electronic cigarette (e-cig).
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