Despite the CDC's recent confirmation that vaping nicotine wasn't responsible for an outbreak of lung illnesses around the
Thanks in part to the efforts of ACSH and other evidence-minded health policy advocates, the CDC has admitted to a huge mistake.
On the issue of vaping, it is quite easy to make either advocates or critics angry. What is difficult is to anger both simultaneously. Yet, the Trump Administration has found a way to do just that.
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I bought my first electronic cigarette (e-cigarette, e-cig) in 2012. After a month of smoking and using an e-cig (vaping), I finished off my last pack of Camels and gave up tobacco forever.
It hasn't been a good year for U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams.
Using nicotine habitually is a bad idea. It is worse when delivered by combustion, with fewer health consequences when vaporized. We have always said that vaping nicotine is a gateway or path to smoking cessation.
Dr. Jeffrey Singer's piece originally appeared on the Cato Institute website. It is being reprinted with permission. 
Our Northern neighbor, Canada, has faced the same problem with the use of e-cigarettes among teenagers, banning their sale on a provincial basis between 2015 to 2017 and nationally in May 2018.