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Dr. Paul Offit's latest op-ed in WSJ on the anti-vaccination epidemic, a good reminder for seniors this flu season, and what exercise works best in fighting teen obesity?
The latest ACSH health headlines: The HPV vaccines works! And the U.S. has some catching up to do. What's bugging New Yorkers? Bed bugs of course, and ACSH's Dr. Josh Bloom's take on the matter appears in the Wall Street Journal. And yet another study showing the dangers of using herbal and dietary supplements- this time, liver damage.
Scientists from the American Council on Science and Health confirmed today that the Liggett Group settlement is not the public health victory it appears, contrary to the near-universal positive response from the rest of the public health community. In an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal, Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, ACSH president, pointed out that a little-known addendum to the Liggett deal ensures that it brings no health gains at all. Rather, it will serve as a fresh coating of legal Teflon for the cigarette company. It may even be the prototype for a coming deal involving the entire industry. It's no wonder that shares of Brooke Group, which owns Liggett, soared after the settlement.