President Jimmy Carter is recovering from surgery for a broken hip sustained after a fall at home.
Like a preview reel at the movies, a new paper in Nature Medicine provides a teaser for how precision medicine might one day work; like all good previews, it raises many questions and leaves you wanting more. 
A 50-year-old man’s rare condition caused by a catastrophic stroke leaves him unable to move, speak or perform basic functions like chewing an
The quest for a genetic basis for everything, with the exception of a very few and very bad diseases, has been disappointing – our genetic inheritance is polygenic, where hundreds or thousands of genes each make an exceedingly small contribut
There is little doubt that when it comes to more complex care, experience, be it the physicians or their affiliated institutions, is a crucial determinant.
For those patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) that has reached the point where their kidneys no longer function, dialysis offers a form of chronic life support.
The idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day traces its roots to industry advertising.
We all need to participate in physical activity to improve our general health and functioning.
Last month, we reported on an earth-shattering documentary not-so-subtly titled Seattle Is Dying.
Another day, another report from epidemiologists on how what we eat kills us; today’s culprit, a perennial favorite, red and processed meat.
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