Food & Nutrition

People getting federal food assistance from the SNAP program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formerly called Food Stamps, can use them to purchase a variety of items as specified in the program

For years nutritionists and nutrition researchers have been warning Americans that we're eating too much sodium/salt.

Most of us have heard of eating disorders such as binging/purging disorder (commonly known as bulimia) and anorexia, both of which involve unhealthy behaviors towards food.

OK, EWG, I've perused your website and been warned about the produce with the most pesticide residues, as well as your list of the supposedly "cleanest" ones.  And I know that you don't do the testing for pesticide residues yourselves, but re

Strenuous activity often leads to muscle soreness, even for highly trained athletes. Finding a way to reduce this unpleasant consequence of physical activity would be a boon to both professional and amateur sports enthusiasts.

As people age we tend to become less active, and are more likely to gain weight. Those two characteristics can lead to lower muscle mass, increasing frailty and associated health problems.

As a busy working parent, I admit that I sometimes (ok, frequently) grab a granola bar as a substitute for lunch... and breakfast.

Why is it that some of the best public health measures, with proven effectiveness, are shunned by some people? 

Of course, vaccines are the canonical example of this. Now, we can add pasteurization. 

It's almost boring to keep telling people about the safety of sucralose and other approved sweeteners because we've done it so many times (for example here