Food & Nutrition

Among other natural items that are dangerous, Salmonella bacteria rank high on the list. Consuming foods contaminated with this bug can be life-threatening — especially for the young, the old, and people with compromised immune systems.

In their latest move to protect consumers from deadly chemicals that aren't deadly, the member states of the European Union have voted to set legal limits on the amount of a

Bariatric surgery, as we've noted before, is currently the most effective way to deal with extreme obesity.

The “superfood” craze is premised upon the dubious notion that some foods are so great, that eating them will bring good health and long life. For Popeye, spinach was a superfood.

I almost feel bad about ragging on these guys. Again. I mean, hasn't Chipotle had more than enough problems in the past couple of years?

The Organic Consumers Association avers that organic foods since they supposedly contain no pesticides, GMOs or other such "dangerous" items, are better for you.

When you need a boost of Vitamin C, we bet you never think to eat some bell peppers! Here are five foods that are higher in Vitamin C than oranges!

The media is alive with a new report sure to satisfy the confirmation bias of a billion people; drinking coffee is good for you!! And evidently, the more, the better.

Dr. Gregory House was fond of saying, "Everybody lies." In the food industry, that maxim could be modified to, "Everybody cheats."

Can we eat our way out of potential global warming?