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A Google search of the term “turmeric” yields well over 36 million links (full disclosure: I did not read them all).
A recent paper in EBioMedicine studied variations on low and high fat and carbohydrate diets.
Summer campfires are fun; even more fun when you can roast some delicious marshmallows! But roasting the perfect marshmallow takes a bit of skill, and a whole lotta patience!
Surely we all know by now that broccoli is good for us — like many other veggies.
Here's a rumor that is so stupid that I'm reluctant to take time off from Sudoku to even bother to write about it.
The Centers for Disease Control, now with Prevention added in, has recently taken to inventing problems they can then ask for money from Congress to solve.
Every so often someone comes up with a new way to impugn our diets. Whether it's red meat, sugar-sweetened beverages or artificial sweeteners, there's  a danger we must avoid to attain or maintain our health.
It's not really news that what and how much one eats can be influenced by the social setting of the eating environment.
Microbiome. Microbiome. Microbiome. Microbiome. Microbiome. Microbiome.
When it comes to coconut oil, the greasy stuff is best used on your skin, not melted in a pan meant for eating. The 100% fat in this oil isn't healthier than olive oil, or any other cooking oil. Has mainstream media finally caught on?
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