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A new editorial in the Annals of Neurology details that stimulation affects more of the brain than anyone may realize, and that could lead to altered brain functions. Stimulating one brain area may improve the ability to perform one task, but it could also hurt the ability to perform another.
The Orlando nightclub attack on June 12 was among the deadliest in American history, and it was the 133rd mass shooting to take place in the United States this year alone.
It’s that time again: the possibility of penalty shoot-outs looms large in Euro 2016 now that we are entering the knockout phases. We kick off on Saturday June 25 with Switzerland v Poland and Wales v Northern Ireland, though those with a taste for blood sports might prefer to look forward to the possibility of another England vs. Germany penalty showdown in the semi-finals.
People who already believe in the benefits of "brain training" may be more likely to participate in a study that is explicitly about the benefits ... of brain training. Obviously, such self-selection will bias the results, and the placebo effect can magnify them.