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A 1% increase in suicide-related search terms resulted in 54 additional suicides in the United States. Do search engines like Google or social media outlets like Facebook have any responsibility to monitor the mental health of their users?
One type of malady that most people really hope to avoid is Alzheimer's Disease. As the population ages, this disorder and similar ills will likely become more common. While much research has been devoted to figuring out how to forestall these problems, recent studies indicate we still have a long way to go to get there.    
Person-centered counseling is one of the most popular treatments for mental health problems. Often just shortened to “counseling”, the approach focuses on how patients view themselves in the here and now, rather than how a therapist interprets their unconscious thoughts. And the patient takes the lead in finding solutions to their own problems. This “humanistic” form of therapy was developed by Carl Rogers in the 1940s and is now one of three main mental health treatments, alongside cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy. However, despite its popularity and longevity, counseling doesn’t appear to make people better in the long term.
Can dancers teach us something about how we experience ourselves, as well as others? Do they possess a special sense of themselves through their bodies?
It's hardly a secret that men find women with long legs attractive. What's less obvious is that the reverse also appears to be true. Even after controlling for height, women find men with slightly longer legs than average to be more attractive.
Single men, and men in committed relationships, have different behavioral responses to females at various stages of their fertility. A new study reveals that men may avoid temptation even more so when women are ovulating, when the threat is at its greatest.
McDonald's. Dell. Chrysler. Rolls-Royce. Sears. Trump. All are companies that bear the names of their founders. Does that matter? One would think not, but new research from Duke University claims that eponymous companies are more successful than others.
Too much, too little, and just the right amount of sleep have been linked to death. Sorry. 
The Centers for Disease Control calculated that, on an average day, 103 Americans die in car accidents, 121 commit suicide and 49 are homicide fatalities. But that's the average day. As it turns out people die differently on Monday than they do on Saturday.
There's no barrier to chess training, so anybody can pick up a book or watch YouTube videos to learn the game. A group of researchers examined people who do and do not play chess, to learn whether innate intelligence is linked to being an effective player. The results were interesting – and a bit controversial.
Happy 80th Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge. Over the last eight decades, the iconic suspension bridge has become famous for more than just its engineering. Sadly, it's become a destination for those seeking to commit suicide.
In a field like gender studies, what constitutes a respectable outlet? We can make progress toward answering that question by utilizing SCImago's ranking of academic journals.