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Did you know about the idea to develop a pill to treat the effects of concussions? If you weren't aware, this effort has apparently been going on for years.
Award-winning director Azel James and his crew are currently filming "Big Fears, Little Risks", which is just what it sounds like - how humans are generally bad at assessing risk.
Urban legend suggests that full moons cause weird things. It's not as far-fetched as one might think.
Testosterone does a lot of different things for a men -- it masculinizes the body, boosts the sex drive, and contributes to hair loss. Now, researchers think it may also make men more honest.
We have a culture that completely denies personal responsibility. If we can't control ourselves, we insist that we have a disease. That way, nothing is ever really our fault.
Complaining about another state's drivers is something of a national pastime. Here in Washington State, Oregon drivers are the target of our wrath; in Illinois, where I grew up, we picked on Missouri drivers. (The "Show Me State"?
MedCure is a company whose mission is to get as many people to donate their bodies to science as possible. There's certainly no shortage of potential customers. The trouble is getting people to make the leap and sign up.
Are you afraid of spiders? You aren't alone. (Well, except when it's just you and the spider.)
The board game Clue taught us that murder weapons could be diverse.
A recent article published in The Lancet alleges that the number of police killings of unarmed black men is causing the mental health of bla
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