Is Dry Cleaning a Bad Idea for Baby Clothes?

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ACSH was mentioned in a household tips column from December:

Q. I bought a wool baby sweater at an antiques store as a gift, and I'm not sure how to wash it. Is dry cleaning a bad idea for baby clothes?

A. Check to see if the sweater has a label with care instructions. If not, you will need to decide between dry cleaning and hand-washing. Both of these methods are generally fine for wool, even delicate items. However, if the item has stains, seek the help of a trusted professional to determine which would be most effective.

According to the American Council on Science and Health, dry cleaning generally poses no health risks to children The chemicals used in the process are not hazardous at the levels consumers are exposed to. Dry cleaning can leave behind an odour, though, so remove the plastic wrapping and allow the sweater to air out for a few days...