Harvard Goes Logrolling with Mayor Bloomberg/Money, Fats, and Science

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An October 26, 2007 post by John Tierney on his New York Times science blog included a quote from ACSH's report on trans fat and this statement from ACSH's Dr. Elizabeth Whelan on the topic:

It is extremely obvious to us that the biggest recent cascade of all is trans fat mania. What a gift that was for the food industry. They know that the majority of people who see "no trans fats" on a label think it means reduced in calories–or in some way is just healthier. We at ACSH interviewed ten top lipid specialists about trans fats and "artery clogging" effects -- and all of them agreed with the ACSH position (that the trans fat mania is based on hype). But none of them wanted to be quoted. Amazing.

How many deaths from heart disease will be prevented by the restaurant ban on trans fat? Our best guess is zero.

The post led to criticism of ACSH to which Tierney responded on November 5, 2007, including extended comments by Dr. Whelan and eliciting a follow-up post by ACSH's Jeff Stier.