WTC Science

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In a July 6, 2008 letter to the New York Post, Thomas Aldrich, Chair of the New York State September 11th Workers' Protection Task Force, objects to a Post piece by ACSH's Jeff Stier:

The NYS September 11th Workers' Protection Taskforce and its rigorous and balanced efforts are mischaracterized by Jeff Stier ("Exploiting 9/11," PostOpinion, June 26).

Contrary to Stier's assertions, the Taskforce used gold-standard science in coming to its conclusions. FDNY has complete medical findings on virtually every firefighter, before and after 9/11 -- demonstrating real, new, and serious increases in respiratory, gastrointestinal and psychological disorders with clear-cut correlation with exposure.

The Taskforce made several modest recommendations to align legislation with the lawmakers' intent, all reflecting best available science...