Anti-chemical zealot cites evidence that pesticides don t cause cancer in his own report

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As chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and Emeritus professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, Dr. Samuel S. Epstein is also known as an environmental radical, who in his most recent report titled More Interested in Accumulating Wealth Than Saving Lives, accuses the American Cancer Society (ACS) of conflicts of interest and indifference to cancer prevention.

Yet, amid all of Dr. Epstein s negativity, we were especially delighted to read that in response to the risk of pesticide carcinogenicity in foods, ACS responded, We have no cancer cases in which pesticide use was confirmed as the cause. As someone who believes that almost everything causes cancer, we d like to thank Dr. Epstein for including this quote in his report, and in so doing, contradicting his own scare tactics.