ACSH joins the No on 522 coalition

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88014720The debate over the ballot measure I-522, which would require labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs) sold in the state of Washington, is getting heated as voting day gets closer. And ever-increasing amounts of money are being thrown into the battle, making this initiative the state s most expensive. Despite all that input or perhaps because of it the voters are split. According to the most recent opinion poll conducted by Elway Research based in Washington, the vote could go either way 46 percent of voters are in favor of the measure, while 42 percent of voters are opposed (although that represents a significant shift: a few months ago, the yes voters were far ahead).

The facts, however, are these: the bill is based on a completely false premise and GM crops and the ingredients derived from GM crops are completely safe. For these reasons, ACSH is voicing its opposition to I-522. We have just signed on to the No on 522 coalition to publicly declare our position. Hopefully this measure will be defeated, just as Proposition 37 was defeated in California last year with ACSH s strong approval.