A strong case against junk science: Dr. Enstrom vs. UCLA

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dr_james_enstrom_sDr. James Enstrom, an ACSH trustee, is a fighter to say the least. He has been involved in several legal altercations with his former employers at UCLA for what we think is a worthy cause: debunking junk science.

Dr. Enstrom was a research professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) when he exposed the university s dealings in activist scientific agenda based in fraud. More specifically, he rose up against the California Air Resources Board and California legislature, when both parties sought to enact policies regulating diesel fuel emissions. Dr. Enstrom uncovered the phony research behind these policies, labeling the data for what it was junk environmental science.

For his actions, Dr. Enstrom was fired from his position at UCLA. The ensuing legal battle is complicated, involving UCLA charged with violating California law for the sake of imposing expensive new environmental regulations on California businesses, according to the American Center for Law and Justice.

ACSH s Dr. Gil Ross says This is nothing more than vengeance against an iconoclastic thinker, based purely on a political agenda in the guise of scientific purity, waged against someone who has dared to step outside the party line, and sadly, the damage to his stellar reputation is, at this point, substantial, and perhaps irreversible. Read more.

You can also read more about Dr. Enstrom in these two UCLA Daily Bruin editorials here and here.