Fake fracking film exposes what really goes on in Hollywood

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Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.07.42 PMIf I m Ed Begley, Jr., Josh Tickell or Mariel Hemingway I m probably going to spend a whole lot of time hiding under my organic bed for the foreseeable future. Because if they got a Ph.D. in How to Look Bad, they would still be unable to match what just happened to them.

In a gotcha story on the Breitbart website, a brilliant sting operation orchestrated by journalist James O Keefe leaves no doubt about the sheer hypocrisy of some big players in the Hollywood celebrity environmental movement scam.

O Keefe initiated Project Veritas to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.
Boy, did they succeed. In their latest video, they use the ever controversial topic of fracking to trap celebrity activists into revealing what is really on their mind, as opposed to what they say in public. In the video, an undercover journalist poses as "Muhammad a member of a oil family from the Middle East, who is eager to fund an anti-fracking documentary. His motive is quite clear: "[I]f Washington, D.C., continues fracking, America will be energy-efficient, and then they won't need my oil anymore."

Various Hollywood celebrities including Ed Begley, Jr., Josh Tickell, and Mariel Hemingway are coerced into showing just how far they will go to get money. And it s pretty far. They are willing to put ethics assuming that they ever had them in the first place aside to get $9 million to make the anti-fracking movie. Evidence of this is reflected in the fact that Josh Tickell who, according to Wikipedia is a film director who specializes in movies with a social message is caught saying, By hiding the funding sources, [y]ou can make a gutsy, ballsy, powerful film that Hollywood will respect for actually saying something. Then they get behind it.

ACSH s Dr. Josh Bloom notes, Tickell certainly hit the jackpot with his social message. It was probably not the message he wanted to get out, but we all have bad days. But his bad day got a lot worse when he was asked whether environmental partners will be willing to be paid off. Tickell s wife Rebecca answers, Environmental California and Code Blue. And then Tickell adds And the NRDC a group that has questioning ACSH s honesty for years. How s life going today, guys?

And O Keefe questions why hiding the funding source so important. He asks, is Hollywood s environmental activism a profiteering enterprise? And Ed Begley, Jr., says, perhaps Hollywood is not as genuine as it seems. Washington and Hollywood are a lot alike; illusions, special effects, smoke and mirrors.

We recommend you watch the video here!