ACSH in the Media: Science Like a Boss!

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Happy New Year from all of us at ACSH! We hope that 2019 has started well for all of you.

Here at the American Council on Science and Health, we have been back to work, advocating for good science. This is where our work has been featured in recent days:

1) Men's Health magazine cited our article on extra-virgin olive oil. The unfortunate reality about food is that quite a bit of it is fraudulent. Sure, it's still food and it's safe to eat, but the product may not exactly match what's on the label. This type of food fraud is particularly rampant in the seafood industry, where really expensive fish is often replaced with cheaper fish. Similarly, products labeled "extra-virgin olive oil" may not live up to the label, and chemists have devised a way to detect the fraud.

2) Dr. Alex Berezow's testimony to the FDA on the labeling of biotech-enhanced foods was cited by BOSS Magazine. There is no scientifically justifiable reason to place special labels on food that was produced using biotechnology. The entire point of a food label is to convey to the consumer the nutritional quality of what they are about to eat. It is not the appropriate place for political commentary -- or in this case, anti-biotech propaganda.

3) Dr. Josh Bloom was quoted by VICE about how bottled water is a waste of money. Actually, it's sort of a scam. Sure, it's convenient, but companies often pretend that bottled water is somehow healthier than tap water. It isn't. Tap water is just fine. As Dr. Bloom said, "The industry is all about marketing and people are being suckered into thinking there are actual health benefits."

4) Dr. Jamie Wells was featured on Fox 5 New York to talk about the "fourth trimester." (Her segment begins at 0:35.) In the video, Dr. Wells explains why having a baby is the "great equalizer," and she has written a commentary to go along with the interview.