ACSH in the Media: Here, There, and Everywhere!

By ACSH Staff — Jan 23, 2019
The Beatles song "Here, There, and Everywhere" was about romance, but it also describes ACSH's presence in the media in recent days.
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The Beatles song "Here, There, and Everywhere" was about romance, but it also describes ACSH's presence in the media in recent days.

1) Dr. Alex Berezow was interviewed by CNN about the government shutdown and its impact on food safety. CNN wanted to know if there were certain types of foods that should be avoided. Dr. Berezow told them, "Our advice is for people to continue using common sense measures -- that they should rinse off their vegetables, rinse off their fruits, cook their meat, don't eat raw meats, and just do all the normal things that you should do all the time anyway and you should be just fine." This article was reprinted by several local news outlets and was also referenced by Coveteur, a culture and lifestyle website.

2) Dr. Jamie Wells was interviewed for an article in NBC News on exercise safety. She discussed how to exercise safely, stay adequately hydrated, avoid injury, and spot early warning signs that would warrant medical intervention. She also encouraged people to ease into an exercise routine if they previously had a sedentary lifestyle.

3) Dr. Wells had an op-ed on breastfeeding myths published in Food Quality & Safety. Misperceptions abound regarding the topic of infant nutrition, which Dr. Wells clarifies in this article. For instance, both breast milk and formula are good options for infants. Unfortunately, the "breast only" campaign has had some adverse unintended consequences that have been largely ignored in the public health narrative.

4) Dr. Josh Bloom was quoted by Reason in an article about how the media portrays the opioid crisis. The media still has a tendency to lump all opioids together, but this is misleading. The main driver of the current crisis is not prescription painkillers but recreational use of heroin (which is often adulterated with fentanyl). Dr. Bloom, who has become a nationally recognized expert on the topic, further elaborates in a piece for ACSH.

5) Dr. Alex Berezow was interviewed by the Daily Caller about California's proposed law to ban paper receipts. Paper receipts are a nuisance, so very few people will miss them. However, one of the motivations for the law -- to prevent people from coming into contact with the alleged endocrine disruptor BPA -- was thoroughly unscientific. Dr. Berezow told them, "We shouldn't fabricate reasons to support this policy... The minuscule amounts of BPA in receipt paper aren't even remotely harmful." Townhall also covered this interview.

6) Dr. Wells hosted the Working For Women podcast by the Independent Women's Forum. In the podcast, she interviewed preeminent cancer researcher and physician Dr. Richard Pestell on metastatic breast cancer and progress in treatments.

7) Dr. Wells' article on "The Steady Demise of Pediatrics" was listed by Doximity (a network for healthcare professionals) as one of its most popular articles of 2018!

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