Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is Helping Spread Flu and Cervical Cancer

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There's simply no way of knowing what anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will say on any given day.

In 2015, the public health menace compared vaccines to the Holocaust because, in his mind, doctors giving children medicine is somehow similar to Nazis putting people in gas chambers: "[Children] get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone... This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country."

He also claimed that the pharmaceutical industry controls the CDC and that vaccines aren't subjected to much scrutiny (when, in fact, they are subjected to more scrutiny than other drugs).

RFK, Jr.'s fact-free conspiratorial ramblings are incredibly damaging. Outbreaks of measles and other preventable illnesses are due in part to the widespread belief that vaccines aren't safe. We cannot afford to ignore his whacky commentary because they have real-world consequences.

Apparently unsatisfied with his contribution to spreading measles around the planet, RFK, Jr. is now looking to spread more misery in the form of flu and cancer.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Is Helping Spread Flu and Cervical Cancer

Here is what RFK, Jr. tweeted in recent days:

Not only does he blame vaccines for causing autism, but RFK, Jr. also blames them for depression, anxiety, suicide, and dementia. (I'd really like to ask his opinion for why my Washington Huskies lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Was it the vaccines?)

Anyone who is halfway literate understands that just because A precedes B does not mean A causes B. We encourage children to receive the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) because it prevents cervical cancer. Due to widespread vaccination, Australia is hoping to eliminate cervical cancer by 2028. If the United States achieved that, it would save the lives of about 4,250 women every year.

Data reveal that people aged 65+ are 64 times likelier to die from influenza than younger adults. So just as with HPV vaccination, widespread influenza vaccination undoubtedly would save thousands of lives.

Therefore, not only are RFK, Jr.'s most recent medical conspiracies bad for all people, they disproportionately harm women and the elderly. What a blight upon the Kennedy Family name.