'Mexican Blood Flu' a Hoax, Started by Supplement-Selling Dirtbags

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Uh oh. We're in trouble. The "Mexican Blood Flu" is upon us. I've never heard of it but it sure sounds nasty.

Rumors of a superbug virus that kills 70% of the seniors (55+) who become infected are flying around the internet via emails and a Facebook Page which is hosted a group called Wake Up America and Stand United. The group maintains that the bug has managed to cross the border from Mexico into the US.  And, damn, look at some of these claims...

An extremely lethal, infectious virus that’s set to EXPLODE among America’s seniors in 2019.

It can spread at the rate of one person per second, killing 7 in 10 victims

It’s fully airborne, spread by a simple cough or sneeze…

If that sounds bad, how about this?

Behind the scenes, the UN is secretly holding meetings on how to stop this looming crisis and tens of millions of dollars are quietly being poured into a vaccine… but nothing is working.

And it's not so pleasant if you get infected either...

And you wouldn’t wish the symptoms (internal bleeding, coughing up blood, seizures and even suffocation) on your worst enemy.

As a former researcher in the infectious diseases field, I can usually tell a real threat from a fake one and there is a real threat of death here, but it's from dying of laughter if you somehow manage to make it through the end of the article. Yes, it's that stupid.

The information you’re about to see is actively being suppressed by agents deep within the U.S. Government...In fact, doctors along America’s southern border have been threatened with arrest for revealing it.

Guys, please! Government conspiracies went out with the X-Files. A little originality, please.

The science ain't exactly up to snuff either...

  • The Mexican Blood Flu” [is known by] its scientific name… XDR-T

Uh, no. XDR-T doesn't exist. XDR-TB is the abbreviation for extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, which is not a virus. XDR-TB is real and really bad.

  • But first, why are common antibiotics powerless to save you? Because the Mexican “Blood Flu” has morphed into a drug-resistant superbug...All the normal antibiotics doctors use simply fail against this now.

Now, *that* would really be something - a virus morphing into a drug-resistant bacteria. Even Dr. Oz knows this is impossible. Maybe.

  • An illegal alien was detained by the U.S. Border Patrol suffering from a scorching fever and coughing up blood. Doctors watched in horror as he failed to respond to 8 different extremely powerful antiviral drugs.

OK, now I'm really confused. The antibiotics didn't work against the virus so they tried antivirals against the bacteria? And is the illegal alien the kind Duchovny used to chase?

Right about now you might be expecting a pitch for something to save the world where science has failed. Yep. Here is it.

And how might we do this? 

It’s a medically verified, oral immune booster known as AC-44.

Ah. A dietary supplement. I know that I trash the industry constantly, but perhaps, if only by accident, there is something of value deep within the bowels of this $50 billion industry. Maybe this is it? Let's keep an open mind.

This must be some damn fine stuff if it can kill antibiotic-resistant viruses and antiviral-resistant bacteria. But that's not all. AC-44 can also do this:

  • slash both diastolic and systolic blood pressure
  • lower cholesterol
  • kills nearly 100% of the rhinovirus responsible for common colds and flu.
  • It’s 90%-100% effective against both the Herpes and Polio viruses
  • it can slash lung cancer risk nearly in half
  • destroy deadly glioblastoma brain cancer cells by the millions
  • it’s also being used to prevent prostate, breast, stomach, rectal and colon cancer.

OK, you get it by now. The Mexican Blood Flu is a stupid scam. The X-Files was a cool show, but Duchovny is now 58 and his alien chasing days are well behind him. Antibiotics don't touch viruses and antivirals don't touch bacteria. And all those other claims are so dumb that you can just take my word for it and save the $27.20 (1)

Just another jar of crap to treat a non-existent infection. How can these guys sleep at night? Silly question. AC-44 doubtlessly cures insomnia. Never mind.


(1) Arabinogalactan is a biopolymer (like starch) consisting of two sugars, arabinose, and galactose. Larix is a pine tree. Olive leaf extract is... who cares?