'The COVID Blues' - A Song of the Times.

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Here’s a song about living in the time of COVID. Sing along. Laugh, Throw things. Whatever.









(Sung to the tune of...every other blues song - it doesn't matter)

(C7) I wake up in the morning,

(C7) I turn on the TV, 

(C7)The same damn thing is always staring at me.


Image: WHO


(G7) It's got a coat of protein,

(G7) A core of R-N-A

(C7) It's screwin' up my life in every possible way.


(G7) Oh, listen to me, baby,

(F7) I got the CO-VID

(C7) Blues!


Harmonica - Take it away!

(Harmonica solo by a guy with puke in his beard)


(C7) I ain't got toilet paper,

(C7) To clean up my behind,

(C7) I have a carrot scraper... but I ain't so inclined...


(G7)  I think I'm going crazy,

(G7) I really wanna scream...

(C7)  Cause when I sleep I see Wolf Blitzer in my dreams


(F7) Oh, listen to me, baby,

(F7) I got the CO-VID

(C7) Blues!

(F7) I'm locked down in New York City

(G7) And I ain't got nothing to 

(C7) Do...