Deeply Terrible Medical Advice From Deep in the Heart of Texas

By Josh Bloom — Mar 18, 2021
Ever heard of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Houston? If not, you're better off. Its founder, Dr. Steven Hotze, has plenty to say about COVID, almost all of it completely wrong.
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If you happen to be in the Houston area and are looking for some top-notch medical, here's a great place... avoid: The Hotze Health & Wellness Center.






And if you have the slightest desire to avoid getting COVID-19, I'd suggest a slightly less convenient yet far better choice than Hotze's Houston Clinic. Cape Horn, Chile. And while you're there, it's a great place to go for a swim!


Cape Horn, Chile. Images: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube

(NOTE: To avoid any confusion, this person should not be confused with another Texas doctor with a similar name who is a well-known, widely-respected vaccine expert, and one who wholeheartedly advocates the use and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. His name is Dr. Peter Hotez, a Professor of Biology at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.) 

Founder Dr. Steven Hotze is not a big fan of vaccines. He is also not a fan of the knowledge of vaccines, something he admirably demonstrates in an article on the Center's website named "Dr. Hotze on the Dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccine." Where to begin?

"The so-called COVID-19 “vaccine” is not a vaccine at all. It is an experimental gene therapy."

Two sentences, two errors. You can take the quotes off "vaccine." It is, by every measure, a vaccine. His own reference, from the CDC, says precisely this. And it is not, by any measure, gene therapy. Not even close. Hotze is either trying to scare you or is genuinely ignorant of what gene therapy is (1).

Some more doozies follow:

"As of February 14, there were also 934 deaths in individuals who had received this experimental gene therapy so-called “vaccine,” including baseball great Hank Aaron."

A couple of minor problems here. First, Hank Aaron died at the age of 86 of natural causes. Second, according to Dr. Hotze's own citation at the bottom page, a place I suspect he hopes you'll avoid:

"Over 109 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through March 15, 2021. During this time, VAERS  (2) received 1,913 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine, and "To date, VAERS has not detected patterns in causes of death that would indicate a safety problem with COVID-19 vaccines." (CDC)

"There is convincing evidence that this experimental gene therapy may trigger an antibody-dependent enhancement reaction and increase the virus’s ability to infect your cells. In other words, if you come down with a coronavirus infection after receiving your experimental gene therapy, then you may have a much worse case than if you had never had this therapy." 

Once again, his own citation says: "Thus, the absence of ADE [antibody‐dependent enhancement] evidence in COVID‐19 vaccine data so far does not absolve investigators from disclosing the risk of enhanced disease to vaccine trial participants, and it remains a realistic, non‐theoretical risk to the subjects." International Journal of Clinical Practice

 "I am advising my family, my friends and my guests here at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center to just say, “No!”'

Likewise, I would advise my family and friends to say "No!" To the Hotze Health & Wellness Center.

While Dr. Hotze may not exactly be a friend of facts, at least he's a nice guy, as reported by The Texas Tribune in July 2020.

"I want you to give a message to the governor," (Hotze told Abbott's chief of staff, Luis Saenz, in a voicemail.) "I want to make sure that he has National Guard down here and they have the order to shoot to kill if any of these son-of-a-bitch people start rioting like they have in Dallas, start tearing down businesses — shoot to kill the son of a bitches. That’s the only way you restore order. Kill 'em. Thank you." 

You're quite welcome!


Thanks to ACSH friend Dr. Joe Schwarcz for sending in a letter from the FDA to Hotze, chastising him for making phony claims about the vitamins he peddles, especially those relating to COVID:

As described below, you sell products that are intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19 in people. We request that you take immediate action to cease the sale of such unapproved and unauthorized products for the mitigation, prevention, treatment, diagnosis, or cure of COVID-19.


The mRNA vaccines protected 98% of healthcare workers at a Texas hospital from COVID. Yes, 98%. Real-world evidence. 


(1) Here's what gene therapy really is: "Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. In the future, this technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient's cells instead of using drugs or surgery." 

(2) Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System

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