Podcast: Could Marijuana Send You to the ER?

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Is marijuana really the low-risk drug that many Americans believe it is? Emergency room physician Dr. Roneet Lev says the popular conception of cannabis—as an all-natural treatment for pain, anxiety, seizures, and so many other ailments—is far too simplistic. She joins us on episode 25 of the Science Dispatch podcast.

In the wake of legalization campaigns across the US, medicinal and recreational use of cannabis have gained widespread support, with nearly 60 million Americans reporting use of marijuana in 2020. The drug is thought to pose minimal risk while offering a number of potential medical benefits.

Nevertheless, there can be significant health risks associated with cannabis use. Just as we openly discuss the harms associated with alcohol, tobacco, and, opioids, so too should we discuss the downsides of cannabis use, Dr. Lev argues. 

Roneet Lev is a nationally acclaimed medical expert and speaker who continues to treat patients in the emergency department. She is dually board-certified in emergency and addiction medicine, bringing over 25 years of experience treating frontline cases of addiction.

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