The ACSH Top 10 Count-Up: 10 to 6

By ACSH Staff — Dec 28, 2022
It is that time of the year, between Christmas and New Year's, when journalists’ thoughts, including ourselves, turn to vacation. As a result, there are any number of listicles touting the top 10, hundred, or five. We are not immune. Here are our most-read articles this year.
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

10. Dr. Bloom bookends our top 10. Cannabis, increasingly the drug we turn to for recreational and medicinal needs, contains two compounds with antiviral activity, CBGA and CBDA. Could taking a few tokes ward off COVID? Josh, wearing his pharmaceutical chemist hat, reports.

Will 2 Marijuana Chemicals Be Able To Stop COVID?


9. It was a year in which several of our Board of Scientific Advisors were the most read. We begin with Dr. Billaeur, putting aside her legal credentials and viewing, as an ethicist, the interface between our technological abilities and our ethical positions. In this instance, we have the technology to successfully transplant a uterus and, using IVF deliver a healthy newborn. But should we extend this technology to men transitioning to women? Is it even possible?

Uterine Transplants In Trans Women: Ethicists Sound In


8. Dr. Lipfert is an amazing member of our Board of Scientific Advisors – a role model for how active a scientist-citizen can be at 88. Fred and his sometimes co-author Sheldon Lipsky have spent the last two years trying to understand COVID, using readily available real-world data and applying years of analytic experience. COVID has lowered our life expectancy as it takes the lives of middle-aged adults. Dr. Lipfert provides an analysis of who those individuals might be.

COVID-19 And Life Expectancy


7. Cameron English has been an anchor among the full-time staff. He brings particular expertise to the issues of vaping, as a reformed smoker, and obesity, having shed many adolescent pounds. He speaks about the fine line between fat shaming and ignoring the health consequences of excess weight. This article even attracted the attention of the national media and led to Cameron’s appearance on a Dr. Phil discussion of fat-shaming.

Bill Maher Is Right About The Fat-Acceptance Movement


6. Dr. Bloom has made overturning the 2016 CDC Opioid Guidelines a regular part of his work. He is a well-established member of the pain community seeking to bring compassion and empathy to the care of patients with chronic pain. In this article, co-authored by his frequent writing companion, Dr. Jeff Singer, they report, in a reprint from Reason Magazine, on a Supreme Court case attempting to get the feds out of the prescribing business.

Supreme Court Tells Cops To Stop Playing Doctor