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While reading science journalism, we must always remember we're viewing a secondary source. So when we say "You should read the plaque," that really means you should look at the primary source, otherwise known as the original report or study.
The Standard Homeopathic Co. issued a voluntary recall of its teething products, sold under the name Hyland, after the FDA repeatedly cited concerns over inconsistent – and excessive – levels of Belladonna, a toxic chemical. 
If doctors are to return to their roots as health makers, then they need to take control of their schedules.
The official March for Science Twitter account recently criticized the Trump Administration for bombing ISIS, claiming that the gigantic bomb the U.S. dropped on the terrorists is an "example of how science is weaponized against marginalized people." After a justified mocking, delete went the tweet.
His message that some fruit will cure anxiety is nothing new for Dr. Oz. This medical hoodwinker has been this preaching this nonsense for years. A post from his website listed "7 Anxiety-Fighting Foods You Have to Try." It's just another dopey Dr. Oz oversimplification of a serious, complex issue.
A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine raises concerns about low-value care delivery in hospital-associated primary care practices. It's time to put high quality into the healthcare discussion with the same vigor and level of import as access. Actual patient-centered care – and not mere lip service – saves lives and money. 
Emmy-winning TV anchor Ernie Anastos kicks off his new show with this "Doctors on Call" segment. Urologic oncologist Dr. David Samadi & Dr. Jamie Wells, our Director of Medicine, answer the public's questions.
It is easy to see why so many people believe in traditional herbal remedies. Homeopathy, on the other hand, is just plain nuts. It completely defies logic how anyone with a halfway functional brain could buy into this. This type of alternative medicine is predicated upon three truly bizarre ideas.
It's one thing to be anti-vaccine. It's another to compare the "damage" that vaccines are doing to the damage done to the children killed in Syria by Assad's chemical weapons. But that is exactly what "The Health Ranger" did in a recent article. For that, he should be ashamed and his followers should really think twice.
Taking advantage of today's toxic, confrontational mindset are outlets like SourceWatch. The website is like a politicized, unscientific version of Wikipedia. Volunteers – rather than qualified experts – write smear articles about people and groups they don't like (one of them being us).
Public health is a field that's widely misunderstood, even by science journalists. That's because epidemiology is an inexact science, complicated by a large variability in the quality of the data it produces. Also, by its reliance on advanced statistical methods. 
You're ready to go somewhere, but you can't because you've misplaced your keys, or purse, or something else. And this seems to happen more often as we age. So what can we do? According to Scottish researchers studying human searching behavior, one thing to do is to optimize your search strategy.