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With contemporaneous medical coverage in the media, being first should not trump the essential need to be accurate. The North Carolina senator had to release two videos correcting seemingly false reports about the consequences of his collapse during a race in Washington, DC.
New York State requires physicians to take a course on opioid prescribing to maintain their license. Here are some lessons for everyone on the opioid epidemic
The Department of Misinformation is (as always) in high gear at Whole Foods. This time those folks are trying to convince consumers that it doesn't use pesticides on the grocer's overpriced stuff. Only problem is that they do. Minor error. Anyone could make it.
Kerr, who missed coaching his seventh straight NBA playoff game last night due to debilitating back pain, provided some ill-advised medical advice for those in situations similar to his own. Even though his two back operations failed, the Golden State Warriors head coach was wrong to tell the public never to have back surgery.  
Medical researchers with the Navy in San Diego concluded that young male adults who watched pornography were more likely to be dissatisfied with actual sexual encounters. And the more porn they consumed the more desensitized they became to human interaction – while increasing their risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.
The NewYorkBIO Annual Conference brings together emerging and established companies, investors, business development professionals, scientists and others supporting and advancing life science discoveries. We were more than happy to be included.  
With criminal charges made public in the untimely death of a Penn State student, it's clear health misperceptions exist on college campuses. Here, we clarify some of those – while urging all universities to reassess and improve their initiatives. 
Astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson recently appeared on Conan O'Brien's TV show. As usual, he was engaging, charismatic and amusing. But when Dr. Tyson discussed microbiology and philosophy that's when his stars fell out of alignment.
By demonizing biotechnology and conventional agriculture, Whole Foods has profited handsomely. But with its recent financial struggles, it would be nice if the sales downturn was the result of Americans waking up to the fact that the chain has been lying to them for years.
Following the multi-year drought in the west and northwest, the question being raised is whether the mighty sequoia – which requires massive amounts of water – has been weakened or otherwise compromised. While there's no precise answer to that now, arborists are seeing signs that water depletion could be a real threat.
The American College of Surgeons recently announced submissions of their plan for attribution of care and physician payment to the Health and Human Services Department’s Planning and Evaluation Office of Health Policy. Let's discuss their approach to attribution, since surgery is a team activity.
Since I believe laughter is often the best medicine, I didn’t have to look very far to find funny movie scenes that also delivered meaningful medical lessons.