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Medicine has used algorithms and machines to make diagnostic statements for many years. But are we prepared for algorithms that we don't understand?
While brilliant, Stephen Hawking states uninformed opinions, like when the theoretical physicist claimed a few years ago that "philosophy is dead." In an upcoming documentary, Dr. Hawking says humans must flee from the planet because of "climate change, asteroid strikes, epidemics and overpopulation." But he's wrong on every single count.
RT is Russia's propaganda outlet in the U.S. and around the world, which broadcasts "news" that advances the agenda of President Vladimir Putin. Ruskin heads U.S. Right to Know, which insists on GMO labeling as a way of scaring Americans about food safety. And USRTK gets a ton of dough from a group which is known to propagandize for RT.  
Drivers distrust self-driving cars just as much as they did a year ago, with three of four adults seeking to avoid them according to a new consumer-research survey. However, there is "interest in emergency braking and steering system technology" – as long as drivers can keep their hands on the wheel.
Recently, students and practitioners of naturopathy from all over the country made their annual trek to Washington DC to (1) learn how to lobby, and (2) lobby in support of naturopathy. 
An investigation by Business Insider found that, "United had more pet deaths in 2016 than any other major US airline." Given United's recent public relations debacle, is this true, too? Technically yes, but statistically no. Becasue it's the statistics that matter, not the raw numbers.
We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new rechargeable battery for portable electronic devices – one that doesn't blow up unexpectedly. But the Navy has beaten everyone to it. The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory said it has produced a zinc-based battery that's a safer alternative to the common lithium-ion batteries that have proven to be unreliable, and can combust instantaneously.   
Is there gender discrimination in payments made to physicians? Not by Medicare, Medicaid or insurance companies. So why does Doximity, a social network of physicians, say it exists? It all depends on what you're measuring. 
Any effort to fight fake news is noble and should be applauded. But, if Mr. Wales believes his new venture will be the solution to fake news, it will fall short for at least four reasons. 
Science advocates had been insisting that this weekend's marches were not anti-Republican. While the majority of people attending had an earnest interest in science, they were also duped into believing science was suddenly in peril. Here's a look at that, and some other events that concerned us.
If the "Sky's the Limit" for someone whose ambitions know no bounds, what's the limit for someone who lives above the sky? A curious soul might like to pose that existential question to Peggy Whitson, as her stay in space reaches record-breaking heights. Or, better yet, maybe President Trump will do it during his upcoming call with the trailblazing NASA astronaut. On Monday April 24, Whitson will log her 535th day in space, eclipsing the previous cumulative mark set by fellow U.S. astronaut Jeff Williams. To mark the occasion, Mr. Trump will personally congratulate Whitson by phone from the Oval Office. 
It's very common for people who eat right, watch their weight and don't smoke to ignore a smart sleeping regimen. The proper amount of nightly sleep is essential to ward off illness and maintain overall good health. And sustained lack of sleep is linked to a myriad of significant health problems.