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To stay in business, media outlets need viewers. So they give readers what they want, which apparently consists largely of pointless political bickering, epic acts of stupidity and naked people.
Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) is back in intensive care after progressing from last month's shooting on a baseball field. Why do traumas, like gunshot wounds, require such comprehensive interventions? And why do thery carry infection risks?
The growing cholera crisis in Yemen has, unfortunately, earned the title of "the largest cholera outbreak in the world." The most heartbreaking aspect of cholera outbreaks is that even though we know how to stop them, we don't.
1. Seeya Nostra - the economy is so bad in the Sicilian region of Italy - the official unemployment rate is 22 percent, and we know that government numbers are bogus - that the mafia has given up on extorting fellow Italians and started moving to Germany. It sounds like the worst Godfather sequel ever.  2. NASA forced to admit it does not have a child slave colony on Mars
Adherence to medical treatment involving multiple medications is not easy. Can electronic reminders and financial incentives help?
U.S. News and World Report recently disclosed their Best Children’s Hospitals 2017-2018 annual rankings. Do children’s hospitals even matter? Is an academic center, community or other facility good enough?
Can ratings of physicians and hospitals help patients improve their care? Is there an objective way to weigh costs and benefits? Improving our information is more difficult than it seems.
Does being the fastest man on Earth mean the Jamaican sprinter also has the best body mechanics? We might believe so, but actually it might not be true. Using a model they engineered, researchers at Southern Methodist University say the multiple Olympic gold medalist may have "an asymmetrical running gait." The findings raise some intriguing questions.
Think your coffee tastes like ... well ... crap? With recent reports revealing ice from three of the largest coffee companies was contaminated with fecal matter, expect a little panic to ensue. As for now, here's the medical scoop on this poop.
Poor security resulting in 'cyber attacks' have resulted in regulatory fines and class action lawsuits. It is time to deconstruct what those fines and suits mean.
Whether you're a journalist, scientist, or layperson, the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) appears to be an effective strategy for getting your message across.
Recently, a crazy story went viral, which called into question the media's ability to separate fact from fiction. When confronted with claims that some folks don't eat, but sustain themselves on the energy of the universe, some in the media failed to challenge this nonsense. Letting this slide can produce dangerous consequences for those who fall for it.