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In an ideal world, a government governs while a parent parents. This utopia, in my view, would involve a symbiotic relationship that, together, advances the best interest of a child.
Science, technology, engineering, and medicine have brought wonderful improvements in our lives.
A cancer diagnosis is a firestorm that turns lives upside down. It may not be life-ending, but it almost always is life-changing.
There are so many ways to impact society in a positive way. Whether it is in healthcare or in another industry entirely, you can change the world, help people and continuously enhance and alter your own career path.
Our infant son is celebrating his half birthday! An entire six months has passed in the blink of an eye as we watched our little dude grow, practically overnight.
Apparently, we are at a point where the Governor of Utah was compelled to sign into law bill SB65 which somewhat modifies the definition of child neglect.
A father was not permitted to board a Frontier flight with his 4-day-old infant because the airline’s policy insists on a newborn being at least 7
Paul Gertler is an economist and expert on the impact of interventions on public issues, most recently in a working paper on his website looking at the effect of introducing baby formula on infant mortality.
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