Andrew Karam

Andrew Karam, Ph.D., CHP

Andrew Karam, Ph.D., CHP
Dr. Andrew Karam has been working in radiation safety longer than he cares to think
about. He’s done a lot of stuff – some of it interesting. Beginning with an 8-year stint in
the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, he has held positions in radiation safety programs,
managing the radiological arm of an environmental consulting firm, and most recently,
working on radiological and nuclear emergency response planning for the NYC Health
Department. He served as a civilian scientist and subject matter expert for the NYPD’s
Counterterrorism Division. As a scientist, he earned a doctorate in Environmental
Science, where he examined cosmic radiation exposure and how it has changed over
the history of life on Earth. His most recent book is Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism,
published by Springer in 2021.