alternative medicine

As we have done repeatedly, fellow debunker Michael Shaw has some things to say about Dr. Oz on his web page Shaw s Eco-Logic. Here are a couple of examples from his piece The Merry Old Land of Oz, which appeared on the HealthNewsDigest site:
As if parents with autistic children don t have enough to worry about, there are a number of vultures out there who are all too willing to take advantage of these parents by selling treatments that are ineffective and dangerous, according to a report by the FDA.
What is complementary-alternative medicine anyway? Alternative to what? If a practice is not science-based, it is not medicine. Now we learn that Cleveland Clinic has sold out this concept for herbal treatments. Sad.
Currently, there are no FDA-approved medical treatments for autism spectrum disorders (ASD), characterized mainly by difficulties with social interaction and communication, repetitive behaviors and
We ve written about alternative medicine in the past, mainly pointing to the fact that there s no such thing as alternative medicine, only real medicine and fake medicine. And alternative medicine largely falls into the latter category there have been no studies showing that these