COVID may trigger autoimmune disease in some people, contributing to their deaths.
People with lower levels of antibodies against mumps -- the second "M" in the MMR vaccine -- are likelier to have a severe case of COVID.
“You can think of the human immune system as an orchestra playing together and needing a co-ordinated performance from all the musicians and their instruments. It doesn’t make scientific sense to talk about antibodies or T-cells on their own.”
We have made amazing progress in the treatment of COVID-19. Two therapies – steroids and remdesivir – have already been shown to help. Those who benefit from these treatments owe thanks to patients who volunteered to participate in controlled clinical trials, and the physicians and pharmaceutical companies that lead them.
Yes, it's a good idea to go to the doctor every once in a while -- annually, of course, is best. As he or she is prodding about, your doctor might find something rather unexpected. In my case, he found that I'm no longer immune to this disease.
Some migraine sufferers are easily treated with triptans or opioids. Other migraine sufferers, however, aren't so lucky. Perhaps immunotherapy will provide relief. Several companies are working on injections of anti-migraine antibodies.
Scientists from two universities and the National Institutes of Health are developing a vaccine to defeat norovirus' defense mechanism: mutation. By targeting a "conserved region" -- the part of the viral capsid that does not mutate -- they have discovered an antibody that may cover most strains that circulate now, as well as those that might circulate in the future.
Does your blood type – specifically, your Rh factor (positive or negative) – matter in your daily life? Not in the slightest. But when pregnant your Rh status can matter, especially if it's negative.
Those with severe eczema can suffer mightily from itching, which leads to scratching, which makes it worse. Anti-inflammatory steroids are the go-to drugs (but they have many nasty, long-term side effects). But an antibody drug named Dupixent, just approved by the FDA, works very well. So now you may be able to give your fingernails a rest.  
Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer. B-cells, immune cells that play a crucial role in adaptive immunity, differentiate into plasma cells that secrete the antibodies we need to fight infections and other foreign invaders.
Clostridium difficile, aka C. Diff. is a very serious, common infection that can cause life-threatening diarrhea. It is very difficult to treat with antibiotics, especially since the infection often arises from antibiotic use for other infections. But there may be new way to control it by use of a novel antibody.
But now, an immune-based approach that is completely different from the statin mode of action, may be an alternative way to prevent cardiovascular events. Not by inhibiting the production of cholesterol, but by preventing the release of LDL cholesterol the real culprit. This could end up being superior to the mode of action by which statins function.