autonomous cars

Criminal law is designed to protect the populace (and the state) from wrongdoings by punishing those who committed bad acts, typically with prison time and/or a fine, as a deterrent to those considering such activities in the future.
“The researchers instead referred to obesity as a complex, chronic condition, and they were meeting to get to the bottom of why humans have, collectively, grown larger over the past half-century.
Air conditioning has made it possible for us to live year-round in some very hot and humid places. It has also made it possible to shut out outdoor air pollutants and fresh air in the time of COVID.
“The bacteria Yersinia pestis, which causes the plague, is thought to be responsible for up to 200 million deaths across human history — more than twice the casualties of World War II.
Perhaps inspired by Prince Philip and his car accident, a report from across the pond suggests that autonomous cars might be the answer for the declining abilities of older drivers.
The media and Twittersphere are full of articles and comments on the recent fatal crash involving an Uber vehicle and pedestrian in Arizona.
Starting off with one broad (but bulletproof) generalization, the folks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are a pretty sharp bunch.
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