California's Proposition 65, which began its miserable life as The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, now has little to do with safe water or safe anything else.

Roaming through your body is a group of specialized immune cells that acts like the secret police. They ask other body cells to show them identification ("Papers please!"). If they fail to provide adequate ID, the cells are killed on the spot.

There is little doubt that when it comes to more complex care, experience, be it the physicians or their affiliated institutions, is a crucial determinant.

It is only appropriate that during the week that honors National Pet Day research that supports using the superior snouts of dogs for cancer screening was presented at the annual Experimental Biology 2019 meeting of the

Despite advances in radiation and chemotherapy, surgery, and often time complex surgery remains an important tool for treating cancer.

The headlines are rampant lately about “a mysterious and deadly fungal infection..spreading across the globe” that identifies multidrug-resistant yeast, Candida auris, as a “new fungal superbug.” And, as is common with such alarming heade

Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery just published the top ten drugs by sales globally in 2018 as well as the top ten companies by sales of prescription and over-the-counter drug

Expectant parents are bombarded from all directions about what they should or should not worry about before the baby is even born - not that this ever stops after delivery.

Given unintentional injuries are the #1 cause of death among people ages 1 to 44 with 97% to 99% of those caused by our own errors and mistakes (e.g.

Today is World Cancer Day which means we internationally encourage raising awareness about cancer while promoting and supporting efforts in prevention, early detection and advancement in treatments.