A recent and thorough investigation of the scientific literature found no evidence that chiropractic care can prevent or stop the disease in its early stages. The researchers urged chiropractors to “cease such activities until, if ever, new evidence emerges.” It’s doubtful that chiropractors will follow this advice.
It's not a common side effect, but it's yet another addition to a long list of reasons not to see a chiropractor.
A visit to the chiropractor may include an unnecessary X-ray. One chiropractic association vehemently defends this practice and considers any questioning of it by medical personnel a "needless affront to the profession." We suggest that patients should question whether non-essential X-rays at the chiropractor are wise to have done.
The first scientifically-sound research study digs into whether or not chiropractic manipulations are useful in treating migraines and finds -- not surprisingly -- that they are not. Hopefully, there will be many more studies like this in the future.