President Joe Biden promised a busy first 100 days in office. Some of his plans can be accomplished through executive orders, while others may require cooperation with Congress.

For as long as anti-vaxxers have been around, the American Council on Science and Health has used sound science to expose their lies and distortions.

Why microbes kill some people, but not others is probably the hardest question in all of medical microbiology.

Being a surgeon who has cared for a range of motor vehicle accidents, gunshot wounds, stabbing, and even a fellow severely bitten by a horse, my response to horror movies is a family joke.

There may be around 200 different viruses that cause the common cold.

In 2019, the American Council on Science and Health’s Board of Trustees proposed that we identify a core group of especially committed supporters. We were looking for a small group of visionary donors.

Everything mutates. Random changes to the DNA (or, in the case of some viruses like coronavirus, the RNA) occur, and this can create new traits. Some of these traits are advantageous, and natural selection favors them. This is called evolution.

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Ever since the coronavirus crept onto the world stage, we have been suffering from two simultaneous pandemics: One from the virus and another from mis- and disinformation.