“There is absolutely no doubt that along with exercise and favourable genetics, diet is a key preventative when it comes to disease. But curing disease by eating specific foods is another matter.
Mara’s commentary steered clear of a discussion of gender (women tend to be smaller than men); lifespan; BMI, or activity on climate change, even though our ability to affect BMI or activity level is much greater than our influence on height, gend
We've reached a point where you must assume everything the media says about nutrition is false. This is a drastic but necessary assumption given the ridiculous headlines that routinely populate our news feeds.
Mainstream medicine has traditionally stressed that obesity poses a serious risk to public health, and indeed there appears to be
“Overeating isn’t fueling obesity, it’s too many carbohydrates in our diet, researchers say,” Fox News reported on June 7.
The world is getting fatter, and public health experts don't know what to do about it.
There's an odd disconnect between the way we talk about the causes of obesity and the solutions we employ to help people manage their weight.
Last November CNBC published an article by Harvard nutritional psychiatrist Uma Naidoo urging readers to “avoid these five foods to stay focused and sharp.” If that author and headline ring a bell, it's because ACSH published
Once the social justice movement began its rampage through our culture, it was only a matter of time before it came for the sciences, replacing well-established ideas with postmodern gobbledygook. Examples abound.
I am well aware of the extensive junk science in the field of nutrition, and her article is just another reflection of it. It is the standard attempt
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